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FUNDING ONE’S FREEDOM is a for profit, social enterprise entity which partners with businesses and people to raise funds needed to inspire the youth by instilling F.R.E.E.D.O.M. from within ...more

Thank you to all of our sponsors. We would also like to recognize those who have sponsored one or more youth soccer players to attend the Youth Training Camps in Colorado Springs and Vail
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Fitness – Mentally, physically and financially FIT.
Responsibility –Hold oneself accountable – No victim mentality.
Education – Learning by doing and then giving back by teaching others.
Experience – Rewarded through life´s journey… not given.
Determination – Sharpening our strengths while improving our weaknesses.
Opportunity - Be aware of what is around you. Don´t fear success. Go for it.
Mindset – Perception is reality! “If it is meant to be, it´s up to me.”

“Gesund und Gluecklich zu sein… Zaehlt uber alles.”

“Nothing matters more than being Happy and Healthy.”

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